Technomate TM-4 CB Barrier Sensor


  • 4 Beams
  • Up to 8m Outdoor
  • Up to 16m Indoor

Manufacturer: Technomate TM-4 CB

The compact and slim TM-4 CB barrier sensor is designed to be placed on either side of windows, entrances, doorways or porches.

The sensor triggers if one or two beams are broken (this is programmable).

For that extra piece of mind, there is an anti-tamper circuit which triggers if the power is cut or the end-cap is removed.

  • 4 Beams
  • Outdoor Range: up to 8m
  • Indoor Range: up to 16m
  • Built-in Optical Lens (longer sensing range)
  • Intelligent Infra-Red Receiver (free from any external factors)
  • Anti-tamper circuit triggers alarm if power is cut or end-cap is removed
  • Transmitter Power Adjustment
  • Response Time Adjustment
  • Alarm: if breaks one or two adjacent beams
  • Anti-fog
  • Weatherproof IP65 Rated Housing
  • Height: 1.05m

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