Technomate TM-50 Q Quad Photoelectric Beam


  • Outdoor Range: up to 50m
  • Indoor Range: up to 100m
  • Multi-frequency (4-Channels)
  • Laser Beam & Audio Buzzer Alignment

Manufacturer: Technomate TM-50 Q

The TM-50 Q photoelectric beam is designed for residential, commercial and industrial use. It has 4 beams to eliminate false alarms by small animals, falling leaves, insects and other small objects .

The beam includes automatic gain control (AGC) to help compensate for loss of signal caused by fog or heavy rain. This circuitry ensures that, even with 99% of signal lost, the beams will continue to function.

To make installations even easier, you can align the beams by using the built-in laser or by using the buzzer which emits a loud audible signal at correct alignment.

When the beam’s reception level is severely dropped in heavy fog, snow or rain, they often cause unwanted alarm activations. The newly developed environmental discrimination (ED) circuit distinguishes the differences between sudden beam breakage (intrusion) and gradual beam loss (environment conditions). For example, if heavy fog occurs and the beam is not reaching the receiver, ED is activated to notify the user that heavy fog is affecting the beam’s operation.

Adjustable beam interruption time (ABIT) allows you to adjust the time of a beam breakage to signal an alarm. This is useful if you have small animals constantly passing through, therefore prevening a false alarm.

The external light compensation (ELC) circuit provides excellent tolerance against sunlight, automobile headlights, fluorescent light or mercury light.

Furthermore, it has a choice of 4 difference frequencies to avoid cross-talk between multiple units installed nearby or stacked on each other.

  • Outdoor Range: up to 50m
  • Indoor Range: up to 100m
  • Laser Beam & Audio Buzzer Alignment
  • Quad Beams
  • Multi-frequency (4-Channels Selectable) to avoid cross-talk
  • External Light Compensation (ELC)
  • Environmental Discrimination (ED)
  • Adjustable Beam Interruption Time (ABIT)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Anti-fog & snow
  • Built-in Heater
  • Weatherproof IP65 Rated Housing

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